"We left Kenya having never smiled a smile so genuine, our hearts were forever impacted by our new family at Bambakofi."

In Spring 2012, nine Virginia Tech undergrads embarked on a journey that changed their lives forever. They traveled to Lugano, Switzerland with what seems like the whole world at their finger tips. The nine students traveled Europe, ate gelato, and made new friends. Then, in a blink of an eye, an in-class assignment during their study abroad semester turned into a real world project, and the nine set their sights on traveling to Kenya to implement the curriculum they had created. ​


The group worked with primary school students at the Bambakofi Academy, a boarding school started and funded by a Swiss nonprofit, ATKYE. ​When asked what they want to be when they get older, each Bambakofi student replied with ambitious goals such as surgeon, lawyer, bank manager, scientist or teacher. The students were bright, talented and personable; they just have insurmountable obstacles ahead of them. Funding is the only thing holding these students back from reaching their goals. 


Inspired by their time in Kenya and interactions with the children of Bambakofi, the nine Virginia Tech students returned to the USA and created The Taaluma Project.

The Taaluma Project was created to enable change. Education is a foundation in America, but for most in Kenya it is an unattainable privilege. 


The original mission was to raise funds for scholarships to support the graduating class of Bambakofi to attend secondary school for four years. Over the years we have expanded our mission as an organization and now serve Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda!

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