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Our founders were the first students on the Linking Lives Study Abroad trip to travel to Africa in 2013. Since that time, over 200 students have participated in this program, expanding to Ethiopia and Rwanda. The Taaluma Project continues to support our partner organizations in these countries. Each semester these students partner with The Taaluma Project to hold a fundraiser for one of the organizations they will work with in Africa. Since 2014, these students have raised over $83,000 and the Taaluma Project has completed a number of projects:

  • Wifi installed in one primary school in Kenya and two in Ethiopia

  • One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Laptops donated to 2 schools in Rwanda

  • 62 OLPC tablets donated to primary schools in Ethiopia 

  • Over 60 cement floors installed in dirt homes in Rwanda 

  • Funded construction of two houses for families in Rwanda


These are just a few examples of the impactful projects that The Taaluma Project has been able to implement through the support of Linking Lives. Learn more about our fundraisers on our Impact Page. To learn more about Linking Lives please visit their website,

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