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Hands on Experience with International Organizations

Students who participate in either the Fall or Spring study abroad programs have the opportunity to become an intern for Linking Lives LLC*.

Interns will spend 8 weeks in teams researching, developing, and implementing projects to solve real life challenges of our nonprofit partner organizations in Africa focusing on topics such as:

  • Education 

  • Economic Development 

  • Environmental Sustainability 

  • Women Empowerment

  • Health

Summer 2020 Intern Projects will focus on our partners in Tigray, Ethiopia and develop:

  • Afterschool Chess, Debate, and Theater Program to Develop Creativity and Critical Thinking

  • Tourism Training School to Increase Economic Opportunities and Reduce Outmigration 

  • Biofuel Cooking to Reduce Neonatal Mortality Rates

  • Using Narratives to Empower Women's Professional and Entrepreneurial Skills  

  • Decision Making Curriculum to Promote Safe Sex and Reduce the Spread of HIV/AIDS

Interns will also develop marketing materials, run social media platforms, prepare for program recruitment, and help manage alumni relations.


The Linking Lives Summer Internship program will prepare students for a career after graduation by helping them to gain valuable experience and skills in: 

  • Working with international organizations

  • Grant Writing 

  • Marketing, Social Media, and Recruiting 

  • Managing Alumni and Partner Relations

  • Teamwork and Communication 

  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

  • Time Management and Organization

Successful completion of the internship may result in future employment through the Linking Lives Traineeship Program.

* Linking Lives LLC is a global education consulting company that provides services to universities to create, implement, and evaluate study abroad programs and study abroad related projects. 

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